Architecture Overview

Orderbook Service

The Orderbook service is a GraphQL server where Alkimiya users can post their orders or retrieve orders from other Alkimiya users.


The UI is a Next.js application that facilitates interaction with the Alkimiya protocol.

Silica Index

The Silica Index smart contract that behaves like an Oracle, serving as a source of truth to settle Alkimiya Positions (Silica Pool positions). Learn more in Alkimiya Indices.

Silica Pools

The SilicaPools smart contract allows Alkimiya Protocol users to:

  • Mint new positions.

  • Trade existing positions.

  • Settle matured positions.

Learn more in SilicaPools (ERC1155).

Keeper Bots

The Keeper Bots are economically incentivized to execute the StartPools() and EndPools() functions on the SilicaPools contract for accurate settlement of the Alkimiya positions.

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